Saturday, December 14, 2013

Great Gas Mileage With The Right Tire Size

Photo Credit: Timo Newton-Syms

Nowadays, most drivers are aiming to have an efficient gas mileage without understanding that the size of their tires may have an influence on this. A lot of drivers are getting large tires for their cars to make it look cool, thus, many wonder if it can indeed affect their speedometer’s accuracy. 

The fact is that tire size has a lot of impact on the accuracy of your speedometer and odometer. Most tire dealers can help you get the right sizes of tires to not only boost the mileage of your car but also give it that attractive look you desire. It is important to note that you cannot simply choose any tires; it has to be compatible with your car as well.

If you choose to purchase tires that are bigger than the ones originally meant for your car, you need to ensure that your speedometers and odometers function well or else, you might be issued with a speeding ticket without you being aware that you’re already above the speed limit.

One way of establishing the accuracy of your speedometer and odometer is asking a colleague to drive right behind you for at least a mile and compare both of your results. You can also do this by driving along a highway and checking the seconds it takes you to cover a distance of one mile. Make use of a stopwatch in order to be as accurate as possible.

How To Get Good Gas Mileage

In order to achieve the greatest mileage for your car, make sure that you properly inflate your tires. Other factors may also affect the performance of your vehicle such as the weather and the state of the road. Keeping your tires properly pumped up and maintaining good alignment on your wheels, you can surely get a good mileage for your car. 

In choosing the right wheels and tires for your car, don’t hesitate to ask for professional help. Most tire dealers have expert mechanics who can assist you in choosing the right tires and keeping your vehicle in great condition and achieve a great gas mileage.

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